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Belize Project

In 2012, the Vanderbilt Microfinance Club partnered with the Belize Project, a nonprofit organization that is run from Nashville but based in Belize.  Together, we're raising money to start a rice cleaning business for a women's group in Belize.

Right now, farmers in the village have to travel miles to have their rice cleaned, and are charged enormous fees.  With the establishment of this rice cleaning business, not only will the women have sustainable employment but the farmers and community will benefit as well.  The Microfinance Club will be sending a group of students to Belize this summer to kick-start the project and to construct the building where the rice cleaning will be done.  After the loan is repaid, the funds will be recycled to help even more entrepreneurs rise above poverty in Belize.

We are excited to have the chance to develop this project further at the Clinton Global Initiative University in St. Louis in April.

Flip through the photos and captions below to learn more about this project.

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